IntelliFlix - These guys are worse than!! automated computers..grrr

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for the past week my buddie has been trying to order the hockey package. first 3 days no body answers the *** phone even i tried calling both of us no luck,on the 4th day he gets lucky call goes through then they tell him to hold he holds for bout 20 minutes and the call goes flat! He tries to call back and no one picks up againnnnnnnnnnnn this S*** is ridiculous i finally decided to look into getting a number to complain...glad i found this one ..we will try calling again this afternoon if it doesnt work he will call the number grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Intelliflix Movie Rental Service

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DO NOT RENT FROM INTELLIFLIX FOR YOUR ONLINE MOVIE RENTAL NEEDS!I have been a member of intelliflix for approximately 5 months and the service is horrible.

The movies take very long to arrive and the movie selection is old. The *** order doesn't matter as they send you a movie on the bottom of your *** and there isnt any order to it. I highly recommend Netflix or Blockbuster as their turnaround is much better since their distributions sites are spread out. Intelliflix distribution SITE is in Pa.


Dont expect to receive any help from their customer service department either.

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Please put a '0' in the ratings drop down box. I used to be an employee of Intelliflix worked from India.Danny, Chris, Debra have no values for their employees so how can they be good to the customers who incase try to use their services. They claim themselves to be the best DVD rental providers instead the company name should be changed from INTELLIFLIX to "CHARITY-FLIX"

Being an ex-employee of Iflix my sincere advice to everybody is "PLEASE DONT JOIN INTELLIFLIX".


I haven't been able to even navigate / browse their movie selections. When I emailed them, they said it was because they were "updating their inventory." Are you kidding me? It has been over 3 weeks and each time I've attempted to browse their selections I'm told that "that selection is not available, please review these other options below." I'm not interested in alternate selections, I'd just like to browse and select at least one movie that I'd like to see.

I've now emailed them back 3 times without a reply, so I'll be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau if I hear nothing by today.

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I have not received a rental from them for over 2 months and my membership does not end until May, 2008.I sent a complaint email to customer service and they said that the company was busy doing an inventory!

Can you believe this? This place SUCKS for more reasons: Same movies sent 2-3 times.

50% of my selections placed in the waiting area and never moved into the available *** area, received broken/unplayable discs too many times.I'm thinking of initiating legal action against them for movies not sent to me according to contract.

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Netflix is the best!

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